Badass. Sensation Fiend. Masochist. Pain Slut. Grounded Powerhouse. Goddess. Sex Object.

Let’s play with all of these!! Come on! It’ll be fun AND sexy……. I promise.

This may come as a surprise but my journey didn’t begin with sunshine and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns. I cannot say this has been a journey that I would’ve chosen had I been given much of a choice, but there is a way in which I feel it was meant for me. Like many others on a healing journey mine began with oh so much pain that I am just now beginning to fully understand (and will never have a complete grasp of).

I never had much sense of what I wanted to do, so this work fell into lap. I was asked to help with a workshop and here we are almost four years later. Being someone who went to school for Statistics of all things, I would’ve never pictured this as my path but here I am. Beyond excited to be a part of others’ sexual journeys and armed with my personal experience and well-used toolbox.

I am a Somatic Intimacy Coach certified in the Somatica® Method. I empower men and women to experience the world through their bodies and utilize that experience to better navigate their daily lives. My natural sensual and intuitive abilities and my own personal exploration allow me to hold space for my clients as they uncover their deepest desires and take steps towards fulfilling them. I am a sex geek in all ways, but my true passion lies in BDSM. My mission is to make it more accessible and empower people to unleash its capacity to heal in their lives. For BDSM to be a catalyst for transformation on all levels. With guidance and education it can be a great outlet and form of self-expression.


Let’s geek out on sex